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Name:Her Majesty Ming Numara
Birthdate:Apr 8
RP journal, under construction.

Ming Numara is an extremely powerful sorceress and also the Queen and founder of Numara. She is an Immortal, possessing White, Black and Composite magics. She has ruled the Free Ocean State of Numara for 1000 years, earning her the title The Thousand Year Queen. Over her thousand year reign, Ming has been the only monarch the kingdom of Numara has ever known, ruling alone through the entire millennium. But in recent years her authority has been tested more than ever. Hostilities among her neighbors and a recent about with amnesia have left the immortal queen in a tough position. She is still a beloved leader, however, and committed to the concerns of her people and the greco-asian island paradise she has built.

Ming is a kind, earnest woman who's ideals sometimes overshadow her good sense. She claims to be pacifistic, and maintains a pacifist government, but is personally willing to fight to maintain that peace without hesitation or regret. And when her country is threatened, no mercy is shown. The only people who ever attempted to invade Numara never got past the planning stages before some great magic wiped them all out. She is well read, intelligent, musically talented and very difficult to anger.

RP Preferences: It'd be super awesome to find other LO characters to play her off of, but Ming is open to tags from anyone and everyone! If you're hoping for smut, just let me know first so I can be sure to send out 200 Years Post-Game Ming! :D (Unless you happen to play Jansen or Seth. And if you do play Jansen or Seth...please stop reading this and tag me! ;D)

And pretty much anything goes save for waste/toilet play and heavy medically themed stuff. Ming enjoys the attention of both ladies and gentlemen, and at over 1000 years old is up for trying anything at least once. :D
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